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Sir Jack Lyons

Life in the Shadow of Terror Sponsor

Sir Jack Lyons has been a major contributor to World ORT, and ORT Israel in particular, for many years. In recognition of his work on behalf of World ORT he has now been made an Honorary Vice President.

Sir Jack decided to raise money for a project he has personally designed with the assistance of World ORT and ORT Israel, the subject of which is psychological trauma for ORT Israel students - "Life in the Shadow of Terror".

The aim of this project, which he is leading both with his time and personal philanthropy, is to help create a team of experienced counsellors who have the caring knowledge and qualifications to help alleviate the enormous hurt and depression caused by the traumatic times through which they are living.

Sir Jack spent a large proportion of his life in the United Kingdom, having been born in 1916 in Leeds, Yorkshire, where his late father, Samuel Henry Lyons had established a men's clothing business, with a factory and several retail shops. Sir Jack started at the bottom of the business, in the factory and the shops until gaining sufficient experience and ability to be appointed a director in 1937, in charge of sales and marketing and later becoming Managing Director. He contributed considerably to the growth of the original business with the expansion of branches and the development of a very lucrative export division during the early post War period which enabled the business to grow rapidly.

His wife, Roslyn, is the daughter of the late Dr Jacob Rosenbaum of Montreal Canada. He was one of Canada's leading ophthalmic surgeons and a Professor at McGill University and the Royal Victoria Hospital. He was also the Chief of the Montreal Jewish General Hospital.

Sir Jack and Lady Lyons live abroad in retirement and spend a large part of their time actively helping charitable institutions and recognised educational establishments in the UK, Israel and Switzerland.

Their contribution to Education, the Arts and Music can be compared to the help given to Humanitarian Relief organisations, particularly in recent times by those giving their helpful and urgently needed services to the injured victims of terrorism.

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