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Moshe Krepel

Deputy Director-General
Head of the Education and
Operations Administration
ORT Israel

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Roslyn and Isidor Jack Lyons
(Project sponsors)

Gideon Meyer
(World ORT)

Moshe Krepel
(ORT Israel)

The last few years have not been an easy period. One of the main goals of the terrorists has been to undermine our sense of security, to damage our economy, and demoralise the people, which they achieve through murderous acts of terrorism that wreak havoc in our daily lives. It is precisely in these areas that we must fight without losing hope.

The ability of young people to have an impact on spheres such as secuirty and the economy may be limited - although they can certainly act in these areas, for example, by being aware, by volunteering for guard duty at various public institutions, by assisting the needy and so on. But in the moral sphere, I believe, the opportunities are geater. As you know, society's moral character influences all areas of our lives, and therefore it is incumbent upon us, young and old alike, to remain calm, to maintain our national pride, to strengthen and be strengthened through a belief in the justice of our cause.

Both the individual and society can become stronger, among other things, by expressing their emotions and feelings in a variety of ways, and certainly the arts can play a role in this regard.

World ORT, through the generosity of the organisation's friend, Sir Jack Lyons, has initiated a competition of artistic works in an effort to enable pupils to articulate their feelings in the shadow of terrorism, using artistic expression through painting. Indeed, hundreds of beautiful and impressive pieces were received, which express a determination of natural survival and hopes to achieve peace with our neighbours, at the same time.

The judges spent many hours selecting the best pieces of work. The team, headed by Mr. Arieh Gluch, Head of Art & Design studies in ORT Israel, included Mr. Alexander Bogin - artist and painter, Mr. Ya'akov Zim - graphic designer and painter, Ms. Dalia Ben Eliezer - Chief Inspector for Design Arts, Ministry of Education, Mr. Sharon Gazit - animator and teacher at the Bezalel School of Art, Mr. Israel Port - painter and designer, lecturer at the Open University, Ms Tali Yarkoni - art studies coordinator in ORT Melton, Bat Yam, Ms. Grazia Strumza - artist and teacher at ORT Shapira, Kfar Saba.

I would like to thank first and foremost all the pupils, the department coordinators, the teachers and school principals who took part in the competition. I would also like to thank the steering committee members Dr. Eli Eisenberg and Ms. Sharon Ben Tzur, and also Dr. Gideon Meyer, Deputy Director General, World ORT and of course all the judges.

A special thanks to Mr. Arieh Gluch and Mr. Hanan Basis who organised the entire event and to Sir Jack Lyons for the initiative and the prizes.

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