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Gideon Meyer

Deputy Director General
World ORT, London, March 2003

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Roslyn and Isidor Jack Lyons
(Project sponsors)

Gideon Meyer
(World ORT)

Moshe Krepel
(ORT Israel)

World ORT initiated the Sir Jack Lyons art work competition on the topic of "Life in the Shadow of Terror". Students from ORT Israel schools were asked to express their feelings on living in the shadow of terror in an artistic form.

320 pieces of art work were submitted to the judges' committee. The paintings themselves are very powerful indications of the emotions felt by these youngsters, aged 13-18, whose lives have been affected by the problems surrounding Israel in these difficult times. However, these paintings also emphasise the triumph of hope over adversity and express the expectations and natural optimism of youth.

The following messages are reflected in the works of the students:

  • The feelings and the effect of terror on families in Israel.
  • The deep hurt and fustration stemming from the injury and loss of beloved relatives.
  • The courage of civilians and members of the security forces battling terror.
  • The impact of terror on school

I am indebted to ORT Israel for arranging the production of the brochure of art works created by ORT Israel students.

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