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Roslyn and Isidor Jack Lyons
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Gideon Meyer
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Moshe Krepel
(ORT Israel)

The mission of ORT is well explained by its continuous statement "Educating for Life". The past years have added the task of "Educating to Face Up to Terrorism" and the traumatic effect caused by the loss of dear family members and friends. Neither mission is easy to achieve without an unshaken determination coupled with the inspiration and understanding of teachers and counsellors together with ORT supporters in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

To help our ORT students cope and benefit from the reduction of the traumatic effects of the current horror, my wife and I decided to inaugurate an ORT Israel Art competition with the works produced by the children and judged by an experienced panel of adjudicators so that the substantial prizes awarded as incentives to particpate would be impartially distributed.

We feel pleased that hundreds of schoolchildren enthusiastically tried to do their best and that, above all, their minds were concentrated on creation rather than destruction, so vital at this time of the battle against terrorism.

May World ORT and ORT Israel continue to find innovative means to create pleasure and more peace of mind in its continual pursuit - "Educating for Life".

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