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How you can help us

All of the Internet programmes made by World ORT can only be created because of the generosity of our donors. Without your help and financial contribution, we would be unable to bring these groundbreaking websites to you.

The art works contained in this website are a powerful outlet of our Israeli students' feelings, expressed through ORT Trauma Counselling courses. All of our work is only made possible by your donations. Please help us by giving generously, so that we can carry on helping our students and creating further educational programmes.

Your donation is important to us, no matter how large or small. Information on how to give can be found on our main website at http://www.ort.org. For further information on what we do and who are, visit this link.

How to use this website

All the art works can be viewed by clicking on the heading "Art works" on the main navigation bar. This presents a page with thumbnails of individual art works categorised for ease of viewing.

By clicking directly over the thumbnail image, a larger image will be shown with the artist's details below in English and Hebrew.

'Enlarge' enables you to view a larger, better-quality version of the art work.

Technical Information

Life in the Shadow of Terror is designed for browsers IE4+, Netscape 4+, or comparable. A fast Internet connection is recommended, especially when viewing the enlarged images.

The website should be viewed at a screen resolution of at least 800x600 and preferably 1024x768 or higher. The color pallete should be set to High Color (16 bit) or True color (32 bit).

Contact Information

For further information on World ORT, we can be contacted at the following address:

Internet Administrator
World ORT
ORT House
126 Albert Street
London NW1 7NE
United Kingdom


For further information or if you have any queries on Life in the Shadow of Terror, please contact:

Jennifer Rubenstein, Communications
World ORT New York,
817 Broadway, 9th floor
New York, NY



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