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Welcome to Life in the Shadow of Terror.

"Life in the Shadow of Terror" is an art work competition implemented throughout ORT schools. Students were invited to send drawings and pictures depicting the issue of terror and its impact on life in Israel.
In 2002-2003, 320 students aged 13-18, sent in their work. A panel of judges, professionals from the worlds of art and education, have selected the best works.

But the competitive aspect of the project is only minor. The key aim of "Life in the Shadow of Terror" is to encourage the students of ORT to express their anxieties, fears and emotions after three years of continuous violence and terror in positive and constructive ways, turning feelings of anger, grief and frustration into a sense of accomplishment, creativity and togetherness.


Kindly sponsored by Sir Jack Lyons, D.Univ.York. (Hon. FRAM)
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